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THE "13 FL. OZ." PROMO CDS (1st & 2nd PRESSINGS)

by admin last modified Dec 09, 2019 03:37 PM

The infamous sublime "13 FL. OZ." promo only CD. The artwork alone is classic sublime. They were genius in copying the instantly recognizable "Tabasco" hot sauce label. In fact, they copied the Tabasco label so perfectly that they were served with a cease and desist & were nearly sued over its usage. So, these CDs were never reprinted and never will be. There were two editions of this CD put out by Skunk Records in 1994 to promote their albums, "40 oz. to Freedom" & "Robbin the Hood". *One of the RARE things about this particular sublime release is the misprint address of '996 Redondo' when their correct address at this time was 966 Redondo. Rumor has it that in typical "sublime" fashion, they were too stoned when they made the mistake & since no one noticed until the inserts & the disc itself were printed, they just left it that way! **Notice the misprint address on both the 1st & 2nd Press CDs, HOWEVER you'll also notice that they changed the address on the STICKER that was included on the inside of the 1st Press CD! (See Pix) It's extremely rare to find all 3 of these together. Notes: * The 1st Pressing was released in a thin cardboard sleeve but was later replaced with a jewel case for the 2nd Press because DJ's were complaining that the CDs would fall out of the cardboard sleeve & get lost or damaged. * The track lists for both CDs are identical, BUT the CDs themselves and the inserts vary slightly in color from 1st to 2nd Pressing. * Only ONE printing of each pressing exists & will never be repressed due to cease & desist. * Said to have been only 1000 of each the 1st & 2nd edition pressed. THESE ARE INCREDIBLY COOL & ARE GETTING MUCH HARDER TO FIND. If you see one of these or both, don't hesitate to grab them, they are only going to increase in value. Enjoy~

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