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The Incredibly RARE "Doin' Time" Swedish Import 6 Track!!!!

by admin last modified Oct 11, 2018 03:38 PM

Here is the "Swedish Import 6 Track" of the single for "Doin' Time"! This release is very rare and was only sold in Europe; and of course, mostly in Sweden. The KILLER thing about this release is that it was released in 1996 & at the time it was THE ONLY place to hear the "Doin' Time"-("Tricked Out Life Sentence Remix")!! Also, the version on here is not the same as the one released on the "Everything Under The Sun" Box Set,.... It's similar, but the one on the "EUTS" Box Set was remastered or re-worked for the Box Set. This is the "OG" right here! For your information: You could also hear the "Life Sentence" version of "Doin' Time" on the "Louie Dog Box Set" & the "Louie Dog" Spotted 12" vinyl but good luck getting a hold of those "Promo Only" items; especially in 1996!! If you see one of these, I would highly suggest that you grab it while you have the chance! Enjoy~~~

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