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The "Destroy" Original Bootleg CD!

by George Harris last modified Sep 27, 2010 05:28 PM

This CD is Extremely Rare & when trying to get an "OG", it is nearly impossible. There are said to have been ONLY between 500-1000 of these pressed! The CD itself is a 'Live" soundboard recording of "sublime" at the KUCI Ska Parade on 3-5-1994. There are 21 tracks which are amazing and this is, without a doubt, some of the best "live" sublime available. Yes, the CD below is the infamous SOUNDBOARD recording of “sublime” @ KUCI in California AND from 1994!! To top that off, it's one of the best live shows that “sublime” ever put on,… This show took place at the radio station on the campus of UCI in Irvine, California. It was broadcast live on the air of KUCI & contains all of the “sublime” tunes that we all know & love….. Not only that,… these “live” versions are some of the best versions I have ever heard!!! The guys were truly “on” for this show!!!**NOTE: Some of the songs bleed into other songs that “sublime” was working on at the time; like “Jailhouse”, but they are not listed on the back of the CD! Little extra “gems” for all of us to enjoy. “Freebies” thrown in there,……Totally “sublime”!! Some of these songs can be found on other releases,.. but not ALL of them!! This is why this is SOOO RARE & a MUST HAVE for everyone’s “sublime” collection!! On “Ready Go” Records, this collection of songs is unmatched in terms of sound and “sublime’s” performance…. & in my opinion, this CD rivals the awesome, infamous “Memories” recordings in terms of the ‘best live show’ that we have to remember “sublime” by…. Do yourself a favor & Grab this baby if you can when you have a chance!!! Enjoy!~

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