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The FIRST press Australian Import "40 oz. to Freedom"

by George Harris last modified Jan 23, 2012 02:41 AM

This CD is Extremely RARE & Hard to find. The CD was released ONLY in Australia & the artwork is COMPLETELY different (than the wider known SECOND PRESS release) with the Original "Skunk" artwork on the CD & the "Skunk Records" logo in the upper right. Key! There were only 1000 of the FIRST pressing made & it is very difficult to locate this particular release. ~~~~~~ *** At the time of it's release, this CD was highly sought after in the States because it featured the then 'unreleased', upcoming "Garden Grove", Untitled (Dub), which was a killer version of "Pawn Shop" Live, and the Original version of "Ebin". *** ~~~~~~~ If you see THIS version of the Australian Import, GRAB IT as it will only increase in value over time. Enjoy!~

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