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Sublime's 1995 Hawaii Show Poster!

by George Harris last modified Feb 16, 2010 08:01 PM

These posters were made in Color (Yellow) and Black & White. They were "Pole Posters" to be tacked up on telephone poles, etc. prior to the show. These were printed in yellow FIRST for the Hawaii show in 1995. Then, when they ran out of the Yellow ones, they reprinted more on White paper. The "REAL" (or “Original) ones have a very full colored ‘40oz. Sun”. Not in "COLOR”, but the print (Black & White on Yellow paper.) is VERY clear. Subsequent pressings of the poster are noticeable more blurred. Sublime did a show in Hawaii a year before Brad died. This was the telephone pole poster for the show that they tacked up around the island. It was a "tag the whole area" kinda thing as soon as they got onto the island so that people would show up for the Concert. They probably only made a 100 or so Yellow ones, and then probably about 50 or 100 white ones.... after that. This poster is “Original” form is VERY RARE. Enjoy!~

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