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The Sublime "Self Titled" Vinyl Banner!!

by George Harris last modified Dec 23, 2011 11:50 PM

This vinyl banner is approximately 6 feet by 4 feet!! It is HUGE! The front has the image of Brad & the back is just plain White. It is printed on VERY thick vinyl & has metal grommets so that you can nail it to the wall without harming the banner itself. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ The information that I was given on this one is that there were ONLY TWO (2) of these EVER MADE!!! I am not too sure where the other one is or who has it; although I have heard that it is with Jim Nowell, Brad's Dad...... But, THIS ONE hung in the offices of "Skunk Records"! There really is not "price" that I could tell you that this thing is worth as I feel that it's priceless, but needless to say that it is VERY, VERY RARE. ******* Thank You Russell ("Pantheon") for hooking me up with this! I owe you one. ******* Enjoy!~

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