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The UNBELIEVABLY RARE "sublime"- "40 oz. to Freedom" Beer Bottle!

by George Harris last modified Sep 19, 2010 03:25 AM

The ULTIMATE in RARE "Self Made" Promo Items!! This Bottle was made by the Band on a Hot Summer day out here in So.Cal.!! The story goes: These INFAMOUS "40 oz. to Freedom" beer bottles were made BY the BAND themselves... just for fun & also to promote the "40 oz." CD and Cassette that was blowing up all over Orange County, So. Cal. & pretty much the whole of the West Coast! The "Story" goes: Bradley and the guys were kicking it out there in Long Beach & they had a cooler full of 40 oz. Old English Beer bottles. Well, as it would happen, the ice & water from the cooler melted off the labels & VOILA!... Brad had' an "idea"! ...... Why don't we make some "Promo" items that we can take to the record shops?.... ("Fingerprints" (Long Beach), Noise, Noise, Noise" (Costa Mesa), "Vinyl Solution" (Huntington Beach) when we take the "40 oz. to Freedom" CDs to be sold at their stores??!! He figured that they could put them into the window display(s) where they were going to promote "sublime's" latest release. As fate would have it, MOST of these would get thrashed or just plain thrown out! So, if you find one of these, GRAB IT... For whatever PRICE and HOLD THE HELL ONTO IT!!! Do not sell it because this is one of those items that Bradley and the Boys made BY THEMSELVES & were not "Mass Produced" by any means. ....... It is said that there were 10 or 20 of these made BY THE BAND and given to local record shops when they purchased of some "40 oz." CDs to sell at their shops. This is amazing huh?? Enjoy!!~~

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