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The Orange "Tabasco" Tee Shirt from Community Records!

by George Harris last modified Dec 05, 2015 01:55 AM

Update!* It has been brought to my attention that these shirts were not the OG Orange Tabasco Tee Shirts, which were Orange with the Tabasco Logo on Front BUT with no White background AND no "Skunk" on the back! (I will post a new file of that one soon.) I believe those were the "test pressings" that I was told about. My Bad. But, THIS particular Tee Shirt was made by "Community Records" in Germany. Yes, the same guys who did the "Community 40 oz. to Freedom" that you see in the CDs section. I do not know how many of these were made, but as I said before, I've only seen 3 of these in all my years collecting. Enjoy~ *** Thank You Jeff and Scott for the information!! ***

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