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Sublime "Santeria" Promo ONLY Cassette!

by George Harris last modified Nov 14, 2009 04:28 PM

This cassette is Very, Very Rare because it was made for the band-by the band & friends in 1996 & includes tracks recorded by friends of the band at gigs! A compilation of rare "Live" and Studio tracks, most of these songs were never released ANYWHERE but here. An unknown number of these exist but I would venture to say that there were only 5 to 10 of these made! Nothing short of AWESOME. Here is the Track Listing for ya. ________________________________________________________ Side One: 1. “The Youth Are Getting Restless”/”Scarlet Begonias”/”Ninja” (Live) 2. ”Work That We Do” (Live) 3. “Raliegh Rant” (Unreleased) 4.”Get Out” (Original-Different Take) 5. “Superstar Punani” (Studio) 6. “Doin’ Time” (Original From Total Access, 1995) 7. “Hong Kong Phooey” (Studio) 8. “Work That We Do” (Live) 9. “Badfish”/”House of Suffering” (Live) ________________________________________________________ Side Two: 1. “House of Suffering” (Live) 2. D.J.’s (Live-This is COMPLETELY INSANE!) 3. “5446/That’s My Number”/”Date Rape” (Live) 4. “We’re Only Gonna Die” (Live) 5. “Great Stone” (Live) 6. “Saw Red” (Acoustic) 7.“Trenchtown Rock” (Studio) 8. “Loser (I’m not a)” (Live) 9. “Garbage Grove”(Different Version-Studio) 10. “Don’t Push” (Acoustic-Longer Take) 11. “DRUNK DRIVIN”!! (Live-This is Off the Charts INSANE!) 12. “New Thrash” (Studio)

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