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The "40 oz. to Freedom"- "SECOND" Press Cassette.

by George Harris last modified Nov 18, 2009 03:38 AM

Still released on "Skunk Records" & containing ALL of the removed songs & samples that were deleted from future pressings, this is a "Second" pressing of the cassette version of "40 oz.". While being very rare, it DOES include a "barcode" which allowed sublime to sell them in stores & it also gives an indication of such; meaning that there were far more pressed than the "First" pressing & therefore, they were more widely available. The other noticeable difference between this and a "First" pressing is the fact that it ONLY came in the "Clear with White Silk-Screen" version & not various colors & versions like the "First" pressings. __________________________________________________________________ Notice: The band members are still listed as : Texas, Cricket & The Yellow Lover on Drums. Also, notice the "New" address at the time of "203 Argonne". The "First" pressing address was: "966 Redondo". I will include a picture of BOTH versions to show you the very apparent difference. Still Amazingly RARE!! Enjoy!~~

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