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The "Chiva Kenevil" cassette!!

by George Harris last modified Feb 12, 2017 06:24 PM

This cassette is BY FAR the RAREST, most infamous & most sought after sublime collectible ever made. Made in 1993, this cassette was almost not even made because of the drug reference with "Chiva" & only a handful of "Original" 'Chiva Kenevil' cassettes were made. Said to be between 10-20 made, this is the most illusive piece of sublime memorabilia available. Other than the "Original" Chiva, there is the "Crossed Out" Chiva; which while having an Original cassette & artwork, the labels that were used are from the "STP Demo" tape & had the songs that were NOT on the "Chiva Kenevil" 'crossed out'. These are also VERY rare, "OG", & were made by the band but are nowhere near as RARE as the Original. ** This is also the release that contained the infamous track, "Drunk Drivin'" which for years was considered to be a "lost track" because it only appeared on this, impossible to find, cassette. ** Enjoy~

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