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The "Clear" First Press "40 oz. to Freedom" cassette!

by George Harris last modified Mar 29, 2018 06:49 PM

THE "CLEAR" FIRST PRESSING! ............. This is the "OG",.. this is the "Original". This was the FIRST cassette made when sublime began pressing "40 oz. to Freedom" onto cassette format! These particular cassettes are so RARE because not only are they the "First" Pressing, but sublime also mixed it up BIG TIME here! They included the "Extended"-"Thanx" on this release ONLY! AND,... AND!....On SOME of the cassettes, NOT all, they included "Trenchtown Rock" right after "KRS-One"!! As we know now, that track was not included on the "CD" pressing of "40 oz." because of the current time constraints (circa 1992) on the CD format. Classic "sublime". You will find this sort of thing all over the place when collecting sublime memorabilia because they always liked to throw little surprises & extras in there for people that were looking for them. So, with ALL of the "First" pressing cassettes, you will hear the "Extended Thanx", but ONLY ON SOME of these, you will also hear "Trenchtown Rock"!! **A good example of this is with the "Purple" version of this cassette. I have two of these-they are Identical- and one of them has "Trenchtown Rock", and one of them DOES NOT have "Trenchtown Rock"!** Sublime, soon after this, began making different colors or "versions" of this particular cassette. There were 3 "colored" versions with Silk-Screened labels right on the cassette (The "Clear", The "Black", & The "Purple") & there were TWO "Labeled" versions; which was a CLEAR cassette with a WHITE paper stuck-on label & a BLACK cassette with a WHITE paper stuck-on label! These cassettes are about as RARE as they come & IF, IF you can find one,... you would look to pay upwards of $400.00 to purchase one of these . Just like sublime, amazing. They were truly a creative force; not just with their music, but also with their "self-promotion" & merchandise. Enjoy!~

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