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The "Doin' Time" Spotted "Lou Dog" 12" Vinyl! ONLY 200 Pressed!

by George Harris last modified Nov 27, 2011 05:43 AM

This AWESOME spotted picture disc vinyl was LIMITED TO 200 PRESSED!!! ..... AND .... ONLY released in Europe with an EXTREMELY LIMITED release. It is EXCEPTIONALLY RARE. Back in the day, this was the ONLY place that you could hear the "Tricked Out Life Sentence Remix" version of "Doin' Time" other than the "Louie Dog Box Set". This vinyl is COMPLETELY underrated by the public at large BUT NOT the "sublime" community. This is one of the RAREST vinyls out there that was released by sublime; however, because it was released by MCA... people tend to shrug it off....... DON'T. The sound quality of the audio is PERFECTION & you just can not go wrong with a vinyl that is the spitting image of that sweet little Lou Dog (RIP). The vinyl itself comes in a (very) thin cardboard sleeve, so be careful when handling & storing this bad boy! You may not see another one. Enjoy!~

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