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THE MASTERPIECE-"40oz. to Freedom" ORIGINAL 2x Vinyl 12"!!!

by George Harris last modified Mar 23, 2013 08:19 PM

This is IT people!!! The "OG" Right here on Beautiful, Black WAX! These are the Original pressings of "40oz." on double vinyl. I will show you a Sealed one so you can see what you are looking for when you're going for a SEALED "OG" but don't wanna open it to find out..... and as well, I will show you what an opened one looks like on the inside in all of it's glory! This is THE ONE that you want to get when you're goin' for that vinyl, so look closely & don't be fooled by all of the imitations that have come our way in the past few years. This LONG out of print, Original "40 oz. to Freedom" 12" vinyl is not too hard to find as they pressed quite a few. However, with all of the multiple re-pressings and alternate pressings, just try to make sure that you have the "OG" when you are buying one of these. The catalog number is: SKNK-VNL-100 & "Get Out" is not to be found on this release. Even though the vinyl says: copyright 1991 and all, this vinyl was really not pressed (or released) until 2001. This is the REAL dope.. straight from Skunk.... And straight from the band that they call "sublime"! Enjoy!

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